Snapper Taste off–So many options to choose from!

There are bad problems to have and there are good problems to have.  Here in Summerland Key we are full up with good problems!  To go catch grouper or Tarpon?  To fish backcountry or ocean?  To go catch stone crab or lobster?  All kinds of problems!!  And, one of the ones that we encountered yesterday is which snapper tastes the best.  Armed with a bag full of filets from a recent outing I decided to put that question to rest.  I cooked one filet each of mutton, yellowtail, and lane snappers.  I cooked them all the same way and all were caught on the same day.  I did a blind taste testing for my wife to see if she picked the same kind I did.   And the results were…..inconclusive.  I chose the mutton snapper while she picked the lane.  I guess you’re just going to have to come down here and try them all for yourselves!! 

Oh, and dog was no help.  He liked them all!

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